Animax Musix 2011 @ Yokohama Arena

By , May 26, 2011 9:46 am

Date: 23rd Nov 2011
Venue: Yokohama Arena
Price: ¥8500

Windows Phone 7 Update 7.0.7392.0

By , May 22, 2011 11:40 pm

Windows Phone 7 Update 7.0.7392.0 has been released for Singtel customer using Samsung Omnia 7. This update is nothing more than fixing the problematic certificates.

Fix for fraudulent third-party digital certificates. This update includes a critical fix to an industry-wide issue with nine untrusted digital certificates that were issued by one root certificate authority. These third-party digital certificates are used to access popular websites and email portals. Although this is not a Microsoft security vulnerability, these untrusted certificates may be used to spoof content, perform phishing attacks, or perform man-in-the-middle attacks against all web browser users. This update moves the affected certificates to the “Untrusted Publishers” certificate store on Windows Phone, which helps ensure that these fraudulent certificates are not inadvertently used. For more info, see Microsoft Security Advisory (2524375).

Same Windows Phone 7 March update, to install this update simply connect your phone to your computer, launch Zune and access the update page via Settings > Phone > Update. Unfortunately for this update, Omnia 7 users might be in for a surprise.

While I was performing the update, the phone rebooted as part of the process and got stuck at Step 6 of 10. The phone was showing the Omnia 7 logo and refused to load. Disconnecting the phone from the computer and holding on to the power button did nothing. Luckily, I was able to get the phone working by removing and reinserting the battery. WP7 loaded successfully and the build was still 7.0.7390.0.

After researching around, it appears that it is a known problem and that a Samsung update is needed to be applied to the phone before performing WP7 update. Now this is quite surprising as all the time I was expecting all updates to be done via Zune. But anyway, after installing the Omnia 7 device update, WP7 was updated successfully to build 7.0.7392.0.

To install Omnia 7 device update, simply follow the steps here.

Windows Phone 7 “NoDo” Update Available Now

By , March 23, 2011 11:13 am

The first real WP7 update that got delayed multiple times has finally been pushed out to WP7 users. To update, simply plug your WP7 phone to your computer and launch Zune. Zune will then prompt you with an update notification. The update will will take aprox. 20min.

Despite numerous issue with the earlier WP7 update, especially on Samsung phone, my Samsung Omnia 7 has gotten through both safely including this NoDo update.

Source: Microsoft

  • Copy & paste. You asked for it—now it’s here. Just tap a word and drag the arrows to copy and paste it on your phone. You can copy text from emails, text messages, web pages, and Office Mobile documents, and paste it anywhere you can type. To learn more, see Copy & paste.
  • Faster apps and games. Nobody likes to wait. That’s why we’ve whittled down the time it takes for apps and games to start up and resume. It’s all part of our focus on getting you to the things you love, easier and faster.
  • Better Marketplace search. We’ve streamlined Marketplace search to make it easier to find specific apps, games, or music. Press the Search button in the Apps or Games section of Marketplace and you’ll see only apps or games in the results. Press Search in the Music section of Marketplace to search just the music catalog.
  • Other Marketplace improvements. We’ve improved the stability of Marketplace while you download apps. We’ve also improved the experience of downloading apps larger than 20 megabytes, upgrading from trial apps to paid apps, using a credit card with an address outside the United States, sharing links to apps via email, sorting Xbox LIVE games by release date, and creating an Xbox LIVE account from within the Games Hub.
  • Wi-Fi improvements. We now display your phone’s Media Access Control (MAC) address in Settings. (You might need this info if you try to connect to a Wi-Fi network that uses MAC address filtering. To learn more, see Connect to a Wi-Fi network.) We’ve also removed the limit on the number of Wi-Fi profiles that you can store and reduced the time it takes to start your phone if you’ve stored lots of Wi-Fi profiles.
  • Outlook improvements. We’ve improved the experience of viewing iPhone photo attachments you receive from a non-Exchange-based email account (such as a Google Mail, Hotmail, or Yahoo! Mail account), using the Global Address List (GAL) when connecting to Exchange Server 2003 using Exchange ActiveSync, and working with email display names that contain brackets (for example, “David Alexander [Contoso]”).
  • Messaging improvements. We’ve improved the experience of receiving Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messages if your phone uses a PIN-locked SIM.
  • Facebook integration. We’ve improved the experience of syncing Facebook accounts.
  • Camera improvements. We’ve improved the stability of switching between camera and video modes.
  • Audio improvements. We’ve improved the experience of using a Bluetooth headset to make calls when you’re playing music or videos.
  • Other performance improvements. This month’s update also includes software from several phone manufacturers that improves the performance of specific models. Naturally, if you don’t have one of the affected models, we won’t install this portion of the update on your phone.

Things You Should Know Before Installing Windows 7 SP1 RC

By , November 21, 2010 9:50 pm

Windows 7 SP1 RC is now available for download. But before you start rushing to get it installed, you might want to have a look for the following.

  • Installing Windows 7 SP1 RC will put your Windows into Evaluation mode and will expire on 30th Nov 2011.
  • A watermark which says Evaluation Copy will be added to the bottom right of the screen.
  • SP1 Beta needs to be removed before installing SP1 RC. Read here on how to uninstall SP1 Beta.
  • The service pack does not contain feature or GUI changes for Windows 7. It is a cumulative of all updates and hotfixes for Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 R2. It does however include two new feature for the server edition, Dynamic Memory and RemoteFX. For more details, please refer to here.

download: Windows 7 SP1 Release Candidate

WordPress update broke the unicode… again!

By , November 21, 2010 9:34 pm

Ok. I am tired of google’ing or should I say bing’ing for the fix. I shall add it here for my convenience or maybe those who stumble upon this post.

  1. Edit wp-config.php located on the root directory of WordPress installation.
  2. Add // at the beginning of the following two lines
    define(‘DB_CHARSET’, ‘utf8’);
    define(‘DB_COLLATE’, ”);

AFA X 的演唱會…

By , November 15, 2010 9:55 pm


原本抽籤抽到了SCANDAL的簽名海報,但很幸運的跟某人換了個JAM Project的海報。呵呵呵呵呵。。

Exit Trance Remix

By , July 28, 2009 2:58 pm

Catch you catch me from Card Captop Sakura
Vannila Salt from Toradora!

I got to know bout these remix when I attended Cosfest VIII a few weeks back. And since then, I had been searching for all the Exit Trance Anime Songs albums. For those who want to know more, you can find them here. Many of the songs are real nice in remix, but some just sounded weird and worst, off the beat. Just a point to note, these remixes are not sung by the original artists.

Sony Vaio W: Something new on my wish list

By , July 28, 2009 2:17 pm


It’s a pretty piece of toy from Sony. But as a typical Sony product, cheap is always not in the picture. The Vaio W cost at least US$499.99 in the US, in comparison, netbooks of other brands with similar specs goes around US$400-US$450, not sure how much will it cost when its on Singapore shore though. So on serious thoughts, I might just be happy getting an Asus 1008HA.

The Vaio W has almost the same specs as other netbooks as other brands, an Intel Atom N270 processor, 10.1″ LCD, 160GB HDD, 1GB DDR SDRAM, Windows XP Home. The only notable is most likely the 10.1″ screen infact comes with a resolution of 1368×768, something you seldom find on a 10.1″ netbook.

Microsoft Silverlight 3

By , July 10, 2009 8:52 am

Silverlight 3 is now official. Intended to be a direct competitor of Adobe Flash (or Flash killer), Silverlight til date has yet to command the majority market share, putting aside killing Flash.

With the new HTML5 in the horizon, i wonder what is to become of Flash and Silverlight.

download: Microsoft Silverlight Homepage

Office 2010 The Movie

By , July 10, 2009 8:39 am

Office 2010 The Movie

No. your eye’s aren’t playing trick on you. With the intention of having a share in the multi-billion dollar movie industry, Microsoft has created a new film based on Office 2010, possibly the blockbuster movie for the season (maybe not).

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