Microsoft admits WGA update phones home

By , March 10, 2007 12:31 am

Microsoft has did it again with the WGA. They don’t seems to learn the lesson…

Microsoft has admitted that the latest update to its Windows Genuine Advantage program will phone back to Redmond even if the user clicks cancel.

WGA is meant to help Redmond fight piracy, but has been criticised on privacy grounds and because previous versions have incorrectly labelled people with genuine software as pirates.

But if you cancel the installation of WGA, maybe because you dislike the privacy implications, the software will still phone home. Microsoft stresses that WGA does not take any information which could identify you as an individual, but is only used to collate statistics on WGA use.

Microsoft UK anti-piracy manager Michala Alexander said in a statement:

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  1. Vi ste pravilno seveda pa je ta test za vse ljudi, ki mislijo, da bo uspelo v nebesa na lestvici od “goodness”. Preskus samo kaže, kaj bi bila upravičena oseba kot dobra dovolj bogov oči, da bi priÅ¡li v nebesa po svojem standardu. Morate biti popoln v mislih, besede in dejanja, od rojstva do smrti z nič napak. To je nemogoče, da izpolnjujejo standarda na lestvici od “goodnessBogin to je bistvo. Brez Jezusa, ni upanja za odreÅ¡enje, sploh za vse ljudi.

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