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By , May 18, 2007 11:27 pm

So the biggest online retailer has acquired, probably one of the best digital camera review website out there. It is always the case when something non-profitable becomes profitable, the quality of services seems to go the opposite of the revenue chart. Hopefully even with the acquisition, the quality of reviews would remain the same or become better instead of taking a dip.

Microsoft Sued Over Windows Vista Capable Logo

By , April 6, 2007 1:24 am


It just doesn’t surprise me how people can distort or even misinterprete the facts.

One such feature is “Aero,” an updated graphical user interface that requires both a relatively powerful graphics card and one of the most expensive versions of Windows Vista.

You do not need a nVidia 8800 graphics card with 768MB of RAM to run Aero. An Intel integrated graphics processor can run Aero too.

Of course some features will be included on the higher end package. Do you think you can find genuine leather seat in a Toyota Corolla? A 5,000CC engine on a Mitsubishi Lancer? Obviously you will need to pay a higher price for additional features. By the way, Home Premium isn’t the most expensive version, in fact it is cheaper than the now EOL Windows XP Professional when it was first released.

“In sum, Microsoft engaged in bait and switch — assuring consumers they were purchasing ‘Vista Capable’ machines when, in fact, they could obtain only a stripped-down operating system lacking the functionality and features that Microsoft advertised as ‘Vista,’” read the complaint.

According to Windows Vista’s Get Ready website, it is already mentioned that
All Windows Vista Capable PCs will be able to run at least the core experiences of Windows Vista.
All Windows Vista Premium Ready PCs can deliver even better Windows Vista experiences, including the new Windows Aero user experience.

The suit also alleges that Bill Gates played a part in misleading consumers after making a comment that users would be able to upgrade to Windows Vista for less than $100.

“In fact, one can only ‘upgrade’ to Home Basic for that price, which Mr. Gates and Microsoft know is a product that lacks the features marketed by Microsoft as being Vista,” the suit said, alleging that Gates’ statement “furthered Microsoft’s unfair and deceptive conduct.”

If you are trying to play with words, not once did he mention Vista Ultimate.

Windows Live Mail Desktop

By , April 4, 2007 3:11 pm

wlmd.jpgI had finally got hold of a copy of working Windows Live Mail Desktop beta (WLMD). The previous version was somewhat broken, it wouldn’t start even though I had reinstalled it many times. It wasn’t my fault anyway.

According to Wikipedia

WLMD is an upcoming e-mail client from Microsoft’s Windows Live set of products. It is intended to be a replacement for Outlook Express on Windows XP, as well as a superset of Windows Mail on Windows Vista… yada yada yada.

In short, WLDM might soon replace your existing copy of Outlook Express and Windows Mail. But it certainly will not kick Outlook out of the Microsoft Office Suite.

One function that makes WLMD standout from the rest of the Microsoft email client is the ability to sync with hotmail. Although Outlook do have such feature too (with the Outlook Connector), you need to pay for such service. With WLMD, you get it for free.

Unlike normal POP3 mailboxes where you download your mails from the server to your desktop, WLMD sync with Hotmail. Such that any modifications you do to your mails in WLMD will be updated to your Hotmail when you synchronize WLMD with Hotmail and vice versa.

If you had been using Outlook Express, Windows Mail or even Hotmail, WLMD wouldn’t be too much of a stranger to you. It has all the basic functions built in, composing new mail, forwarding, replying are all easily accessible thru the toolbar at the top. There is also a search function for you to search for mails, or even files on your desktop.

WLMD is currently in beta and should be out for the public quite soon.

MCP Live Meeting: Your Next Step in Windows Server Certifications

By , March 29, 2007 12:05 am

I had just attended the live meeting. This presentation is regarding the future of existing MCSA/MCSE 2000/2003 certifications and some brief information on the up-coming Longhorn certifications.

  • All MCSA/MCSE 2000 related exams, including upgrade exams, will retire on March 31, 2008.
  • MCSA/MCSE 2000/2003 credentials will not retire and will remain on the transcript indefinitely.
  • There will be no upgrade path for MCSA/MCSE 2000 to Longhorn Server certifications.
  • There will be two upgrade exams for MCSA/MCSE 2003 to Longhorn Server certifications. One for MCSA 2003, and one for MCSE 2003.
  • MCSA/MCSE 2000/2003 certifications will not be replaced. They each represents their respective technologies.
  • MCSA/MCSE 2003 upgrade to Longhorn will be through the MCTS certifications.
  • Exchange 2007 certifications will be independent and not included in server certifications.

Not much in-depth details regarding Longhorn certifications had been revealed, but the certifications will be based on the “New Generation” certification framework.

How many MCPs are there?

By , March 26, 2007 6:24 pm

According to Microsoft, there are…

21,081 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)
2,293 Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP)
1,433 Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD)
68,668 Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer on Windows 2003 (MCSE)
105,178 Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator on Windows 2003 (MCSA)
286,736 Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer on Windows 2000 (MCSE)
144,068 Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator on Windows 2000 (MCSA)
26,597 Microsoft Certified Desktop Technician on Windows XP (MCDST)
145,063 Microsoft Certified Database Administrator on SQL Server 2000 (MCDBA)
28,535 Microsoft .NET Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)
65,583 Microsoft Certified Application Developer on Microsoft .NET (MCAD)

71-623: Pro: Microsoft Desktop Support – CONSUMER

By , March 26, 2007 6:07 pm

After the previous beta was cancelled to be re-engineered, is it now back in action.

Registration wil begins on March 22, 2007 and the beta exam runs from March 22, 2007 to April 5, 2007.

70-238: Pro: Deploying Messaging Solutions with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

By , March 18, 2007 11:55 am

The beta exam registration starts on March 23, 2007 and the exam itself will run from April 6, 2007 to April 20, 2007. Invited IT professionals so take note.

70-238: Pro: Deploying Messaging Solutions with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 counts as credit towards the certification : Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Enterprise Messaging Administrator

“Refurbished” SanDisk Cruzer Titaniums

By , March 13, 2007 1:11 am

I had bought four 2GB SanDisk Cruzer Titaniums from the IT Show a few days back, they seems to be in perfect condition then. Today, I was told that some consumers were sold some refurbished thumb drives, meaning, those thumb drives had been returned to the manufacturer due to defects, then the manufacturer repairs them and releases the repaired items back to the consumer market. Some consumers had been complaining of having a Cruzer that is fulled of scratches while some said they found deleted files in it.

So, armed with the File Recovery Utility (courtesy of SanDisk), I started scanning my four Cruzers for deleted files. The recovery utility was abled to recover some files from the first Cruzer.

Click to view full size picture

And they apparently belongs to SanDisk and Skype.

Click to view full size picture

Click to view full size picture
content of Raw00004.CHM

I continued scanning the remaining three Cruzers, all of them contained the same files as the first.

Then, I found a card in each of the Cruzer boxes, which says “1 month’s free Voicemail.” But apparenly, this promotion had long expired.

Conclusion, these Cruzers are leftovers from the previous SanDisk promotion (which gives the free Voicemail). In order to sell the old stock, either SanDisk or the distributor had deleted the Skype files that were originally included in the Cruzers. And hence, the deleted files. But obviously they had forgotten to remove the Skype promotion card.

Apple’s Ads Getting Annoying

By , March 12, 2007 1:32 am

I happened to see an Apple Ad over at Channel9 which apparently Apple had been “spamming” people with.


It seems to me that Apple is behaving like a kid that is trying to capture attention not by impressing other people about his ability but rather by putting down his competitors. Such unprofesional act by them. We don’t see Microsoft spending their advertising and marketing budget just to tell people how their competitors sucks.

71-237: Pro: Designing Messaging Solutions with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

By , March 2, 2007 10:21 pm

The beta exam for 71-237 is now open for registration. The beta exam period will runs from 13th March til 27th March 2007.

Invited cantidates are reminded to register for the exam ASAP as it is on a first come first serve basis.

Upon completion and passing the exam, you will receive the certificate – Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Enterprise Messaging Administrator

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