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Windows Sysinternals Suite Build 2009.03.30

By , March 31, 2009 8:30 am

Sysinternals Suite just got an update on 30th March 09 and can be found at the Sysinternals Suite website.

The Sysinternals Suite is a collection of diagnostic tools written by various IT professionals for the IT community to aid them with troubleshooting Windows machine.

HijackThis for tech dummies

By , February 16, 2009 7:46 pm

Help yourself by helping the troubleshooters. This short article is meant for users with no technical knowledge.

HijackThis is a great utility that run through your registry and running processes to find unsafe registry settings and rogue processes . To use the tool, first download it from TrendMicro. Download the executable would be fine unless you want to have it installed in your system.

To use HijackThis, execute the executable you have just downloaded and accept the licensing agreement. Select Do a system scan and save a logfile. HijackThis will then scan your system and open the logfile. This process should be rather fast. Lastly, copy the contents and post it to whoever is helping you to troubleshoot your system.

IBM Lotus Symphony

By , October 3, 2007 9:31 am

In bid to battle Microsoft domination in the Office Applications arena, IBM Lotus department has release the Lotus Symphony, a suit of office applications consisting of Symphony Documents (Words), Symphony Presentations (PowerPoint) and Symphony SpreadSheet (Excel).

The native file format for the Symphony suite is based on Open Document Format (ODF). On top of that, it is able to save files to Microsoft Office file formats and exports to Portable Document Format (PDF).

Windows Live Messenger to be force upgraded

By , September 14, 2007 10:09 pm

According to the Live Messenger Team, users using Live Messenger version 8.0 and below will soon be forced to upgrade to version 8.1. This is due to that MSN/Live Messenger 8.0 and below are vulnerable to a security vulnerability that could allow remote code execution (Refer to Microsoft Security Bulletin MS07-054).

Source: Live Messenger Team Blog

Is the MSN photo album virus back?

By , August 10, 2007 3:14 pm

I’m starting to receive more and more of this virus this few days. It is unknown whether if this is a new variant of the virus or simply the old one is just making a come back.

Nevertheless, this can sometimes can get rather irritating. So, here’s a simple removal tool (courtesy of Billy Flatman) that attempts to remove the virus.

Inside the zip file contains two files. run.bat and kill.exe. To use, simply execute the run.bat and see the miracle happens.

What the batch file (run.bat) does?

  1. Create a temporary registry file that removes the registry entries used by the virus.
  2. Executes the temporary registry file, or so called merge the temporary registry file with Windows registry.
  3. Deletes the temporary registry file.
  4. Terminates or kill the explorer.exe process.
  5. Delete the various files associated with the virus.
  6. Executes explorer.exe.

I have not tested the removal tool, for simply my computers are not infected with such an virus and I certainly do not have the intention of getting my computers infected for the purpose of testing it. Use at your own risk.

Safari 3 for Windows, not as secured as it seems

By , June 14, 2007 1:48 am

While it is natural for beta software to contain bugs and security loopholes, I just couldn’t help but to laugh at Apple over the mess they had created on Safari 3.

Within hours after the launch of the public beta, security experts such as Aviv Raff, David Maynor and Thor Larholm had publish findings on security flaws found on Safari 3. Immediately over throwing the claims made by Apple for “Safari to be secure from day one“.

Skype users at risk of Trojan Horse attack

By , April 5, 2007 12:36 am

Miscreants have again adapted the Warezov Trojan horse to target Skype users, Websense Security Labs warned on Thursday.

The attack is similar to threats that target instant-messaging applications. A targeted Skype user will receive a chat message with the text “Check up this” and a link to a malicious executable called “file_01.exe” on a Web site, Websense said in an alert. If the user runs the file, several other files are downloaded and run, it said.

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Adding Japanese locale to your Winamp

By , April 4, 2007 5:41 pm

winamp01.jpgI used to have problem displaying song names in Japanese on Winamp mainly due to Winamp does not support unicode ID tags. Until one day I accidentally stumbled upon this Winamp Plugin Winamp日本語化キット. In English, it simply means Winamp Japanese Locale Kit.

After installation (or during installation), you can choose to have Winamp menus in English with Japanese text support, or simply change the menus to display in Japanese.

This plugin is designed to work for only a specific version of Winamp, so whenever Winamp releases a new version, a new version of the plugin must be installed. Thankfully, the author keeps his plugin up-to-date where a new version of it will be available one or two days after a new Winamp release.

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Microsoft’s OneCare failed Anti-virus Test

By , March 10, 2007 1:20 am

AV-Comparatives had put 17 anti-virus softwares into test which access their ability to detect and clean viruses.

Once again, OneCare was placed last due to failure to detect quite a hand full of malwares.

More details can be found at AV-Comparatives.

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Microsoft admits WGA update phones home

By , March 10, 2007 12:31 am

Microsoft has did it again with the WGA. They don’t seems to learn the lesson…

Microsoft has admitted that the latest update to its Windows Genuine Advantage program will phone back to Redmond even if the user clicks cancel.

WGA is meant to help Redmond fight piracy, but has been criticised on privacy grounds and because previous versions have incorrectly labelled people with genuine software as pirates.

But if you cancel the installation of WGA, maybe because you dislike the privacy implications, the software will still phone home. Microsoft stresses that WGA does not take any information which could identify you as an individual, but is only used to collate statistics on WGA use.

Microsoft UK anti-piracy manager Michala Alexander said in a statement:

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