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Boot Camp 1.2 out

By , March 30, 2007 10:51 pm

Apple has released Boot Camp 1.2 beta at their website, officially supporting Windows Vista and some various features.
Boot Camp 1.2 beta includes:

  • Support for Windows Vista (32-bit)
  • Updated drivers, including but not limited to trackpad, AppleTime (synch), audio, graphics, modem, iSight camera
  • Support the Apple Remote (works with iTunes and Windows Media Player)
  • A Windows system tray icon for easy access to Boot Camp information and actions
  • Improved keyboard support for Korean, Chinese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, and French Canadian
  • Improved Windows driver installation experience
  • Updated documentation and Boot Camp on-line help in Windows
  • Apple Software Update (for Windows XP and Vista)

Since the launch of Boot Camp, I’ve never failed to question this, “Why was the Boot Camp project initiated by none other than Apple themselves? Aren’t they supposed to be anti-Windows? Especially after they had created dozens of advertisements out to fight Microsoft and their Windows products”. It just sound to me that Apple is trying to say “Buy our Mac, help us boost our sales and we’ll let you keep your Windows.”

So guys, with Boot Camp 1.2, its now the time to buy yourself a Mac and install Vista on it. *evil*

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